The use of Integrated sensing modalities to enhance worldwide awareness on merchant vessels.

“Artificial intelligence is a game changer for our environment and the marine industry, enhancing safety and efficiency”

  • Sinking/collision Incidents account for $ 1.6 billion in insurance claims
  • 80% of ship collision incidents are due to human errors
  • 1 in 4 seafarers has fallen asleep while on watch
  • 9% increase in piracy or armed robbery in 2018 (IMO)
  • COVID19: Huge stress on crew. increasing fatigue and lapses.

Galene is an intelligent bridge watch assistance system. She will form a valuable new tool for the Officer of the Watch (OOW), by complementing existing bridge equipment with Artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor fusion, maximizing focus of the OOW reducing the risk and increasing efficiency. 

Galene will propel the merchant marine’s navigational equipment into a new era.

The Virtual Watchkeeper Galene introduces Intelligent wareness into the bridge equipment, by fusing data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the vessel’s external situation. Our Virtual officer Galene will be deployable on any ship where there is a need for increased safety and efficiency, particularly during night-time sailings, heavy traffic areas, mooring or in adverse weather conditions but also to relieve the officer of many basic but time-consuming tasks such as auto logging or waiting for the pilot / supply vessel to arrive. Westray creates and develops an advisory solution to supplement basic information available from AIS, ECDIS and RADAR, adding  sensors to create an accurate overall view by applying sensor fusion and advanced AI algorithms. The Galene gives the officers on the bridge an advanced and enhanced decision tool. Westray knows its product and applications are a game changer for the entire marine industry. Our Virtual Watchkeeper provides the officer Of the Watch advanced decision support, becoming the new safety standard for the marine industry.

Our sensor fusion combines data from multiple sensors (AIS, radars and cameras) with pre-processing techniques and machine learning to detect and classify objects.

Sensor Fusion to monitor vessel perimeter

Machine-learning algorithms detect and classify objects and predict course

Officers are alerted of hazardous objects/vessels not detected by radar and AIS

Westray knows its product and applications are a gamechanger for the entire marine industry. With the Galene we provide the officer Of the Watch advanced maritime aiding systems, found for years in the aviation and car industry, and now adapted for the maritime industry, developing the new safety standard for the marine industry as well as greatly increasing our efficiency.

"Where the foundation of trust exists, technology is making a real difference to the lives of our people onboard"

The Virtual Officer Galene will help our 1.6 million officers that currently have no easy-to-use, modern aiding technology. Though autonomous shipping might one day be a fact, semi-autonomous shipping using AI and sensor fusion is a prerequisite and  solves today’s urgent business needs. 

The solutions envisioned are there to help the officer increase their efficiency, reducing time for mooring, knowing what is going on around him/her at a glance,   alerting them of incoming danger or unidentified vessels, offering a clear visual overview at night or during the day when crossing dense traffic areas. This data is then taken to a next level, and used to further increase the officers’ training and expertise by transmitting it to a shore-side simulation centerwhere it is analysed and can be used to create company specific training, and continuously improving the officers’ performance.

Vessels and objects at sea (containers, buoys, people, marine life…) are detected by AI algorithms and tracked in time. A Kalman filter is a solution for the possible noise that is present on the detections of the bounding boxes (the prediction of the bounding boxes is never 100% accurate). Kalman filters predict the position of the bounding boxes in the future and with each new next bounding box detection he will update his current predicted position with the measured bounding box detection and make a new prediction for future positions. Over time, the Kalman filter will get better and better through self-learning.  

This also ensures that the visualisation of the bounding boxes is less jittery. The detections/boxes that we show on the UI are not the bounding boxes of the detector but of Kalman filtered boxes, which ensures that the visual bounding boxes show a smooth trajectory in the object tracking. 

"Mature AI technology for value adding solutions"

24/7 enhanced awareness, reducing fatigue and stress of our essential workers (Seafarers)

Autonomous navigation assistant - Increasing efficiency and safety

Detecting, classifiying and predicting undetected assets through sensor fusion


  • Incorporation product/market research
  • Vendor procurement
  • Business angel funding
  • ESA cofunded FS secured
  • Selected for imec.istart accelerator
  • Partnership with SimWave
  • Q3 - PoC completed
  • Q3 - Secured paid pilot with ETA shipping
  • Q4: Partnership with satellite provider

Westray is finishing the Proof of Concept and writing the final reports to succesfully  hand over this project on time and within budget. Westray is preparing the required work to commence writing the followup project.   

Next to our work for the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY, we have established a partnership with Simwave to create remote navigational assessment tool and a paid pilot with ETA shipping for one man bridge operations using the Virtual Watchkeeper. Our team is also advancing towards a  partnership with a world leading satellite provider. 

The final version of the project web page (with a final conclusive paragraph under Current Status, and with other parts of the PWP revised /finalised wherever relevant)

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